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What is the purpose of the Business, Technical, and Emergency Contact stored in the Business Center 'Merchant Information' section?

Doc ID:    C1159
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/09/2018
Updated:    02/09/2018


For each CyberSource merchant ID (MID), there are two primary day-to-day contacts that CyberSource may utilize when communicating to the merchant:

  1. Business Contact - receives non-urgent issue notifications from the CyberSource Support team
  2. Technical Contact - receives automatically generated notifications, such as product updates. May also receive non-urgent issue notifications.

The CyberSource Support team will consider these two contacts qualified to discuss company sensitive information such as passwords and banking info.

Security measures are taken with any contact when dealing with confidential information.

The Emergency Contact will receive urgent messages such as service outage notifications. We highly recommend that this be an email alias to multiple merchant contacts so that, in the event that any one contact is unavailable, others will receive the notification.

You may use an email alias for the day-to-day contacts (Business or Technical) as well. When using an alias, please provide the name of one individual to clarify who is the primary contact for that role.
To view or edit Contact information in the Business Center, go to Account Management > Merchant Information.

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