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Why does a "TRXN ERROR message appear even when merchant receives authorization amount?

Doc ID:    C1473
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/23/2017


For merchants processing via MasterCard Internet Gateway Services (MiGS), the following modes are used for setting up transaction settlements --

Purchase Mode / Direct Purchase Mode;Auth and Capture Mode / Auto Capture - Use for transaction settlement(s) directly handled by MiGS.

Auth then Capture - Use when merchant creates a settlement request in CuberSource for MiGS to complete the capture process. Without the settlement request, a merchant will not receive finding from the acquirer bank.

While not mandatory for the merchant to execute the transaction settlement with CyberSource, it is recommended as merchants are unable to perform a refund without a valid [CyberSource] settlement request. This prevents MiGS from processing CyberSource settlement request during batching, and results in a “TRXN ERROR" when performing a transaction search in the Business Center (EBC).

Note: Merchants can disregard the error message for settlement;
as long as successful authorization is observed, expected funding is received.

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