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Braspag Platform Upgrade – Migration to Comercio Latino - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What’s changing?

CyberSource is currently updating its enterprise connectivity with Braspag, which is meant to better serve the LAC (Latin American Countries) market and Brazil in particular. Today, Braspag connects to three different acquirers in the Latin American region for credit card processing: Cielo, Rede, and Banorte. Braspag also supports boletos, a local payment method that is widely used in Brazil. Until now, merchants had to connect to separate endpoints for cards and boleto payments. Braspag’s newly upgraded platform is called Comercio Latino, and is capable of accepting both credit card and boleto payment types.

What does this mean to CyberSource merchants?

Merchants will be required to make changes to their current CyberSource integrations to process via Braspag’s new processing platform.

When do merchants need to complete their migration?

Merchants currently processing transactions in Mexico through Banorte as their acquirer will need to migrate to Comercio Latino by May 16, 2016, as Banorte will decommission its legacy Payworks platform integrated into Braspag by that date.
This involves the following:
  1. Contact Banorte to request credentials for Banorte’s new Payworks 2.0 platform.
  2. Provide the new credentials to CyberSource Customer Support.
All other merchants must migrate to use Comercio Latino by July 31, 2016, when Braspag will decommission its legacy Pagador platform.
Note: Failure to migrate to Comercio Latino by the noted deadlines will result in transaction failures.

What are some difference between the old and new platforms?

While some existing low usage features will be discontinued, there are also certain new features being introduced on Comercio Latino.

Features being discontinued:

  • AVS (Comercio Latino will not provide AVS response values)
  • Support for CRC (Costa Rican Colón) currency

New features being introduced:

  • New fields to indicate shipTo information
  • Option to include soft descriptors on authorization requests

Other changes:

  • The new platform will not report on multiple or partial refunds processed on the Rede acquirer, this will have to be managed by merchants themselves.

Are there going to be changes to the reports?

The format of the reports will remain the same, however merchants will see the introduction of the following new fields in the Transaction Detail Report:

  • PersonalID
Represents the CPF, which is used to uniquely identify a customer in Brazil
  • ProcessorResponseID
Represents the unique transaction identifier generated by Braspag
  • BoletoBarCodeNumber
Represents the numeric version of the bar code in a boleto

When will these changes be available in the CyberSource Test and Production Environments?

  • For merchants that process in Mexico with Banorte, the solution is fully available today in both the Test and Production environments.
  • For all other merchants, the Test and Production environments will be available by July 31, 2016

What are the resources available to help merchants with this transition?

  • Migration guide detailing all the API field information and specifications (guide may be obtained by contacting CyberSource Customer Support).

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