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What actions must I take to continue accepting Mexican Pesos via American Express after Comercio Latino replaces the legacy CyberSource Latin American Processing?

Doc ID:    C1689
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/01/2016
Updated:    05/01/2016


The CyberSource Latin American Processing platform will sunset on November 30, 2016. As you were notified on March 16, 2016, this platform is being replaced by Comercio Latino, an upgraded connection into the Latin American region.

We recommend that all merchants processing American Express cards in Mexican Pesos on the old platform (CyberSource Latin American Processing) migrate to the American Express Direct (AMEX Direct) platform at CyberSource. This involves an update to your Production merchant account details and, due to platform differences, potentially involves changes to your integration with CyberSource.

What actions should I take to prepare for this migration?

  1. Review the Latin American Processing to AMEX Direct Migration guide (attached below) and verify that your integration with CyberSource can accommodate the outlined differences.
  2. Contact CyberSource Customer Support to request that your impacted merchant IDs are configured for AMEX Direct in the Test environment so that you may perform functional testing before the migration. This will help to ensure a smooth transition during the Production environment switchover.
  3. Contact American Express Merchant Services for your Mexican processing account to obtain the Service Establishment Number and other AMEX merchant account details listed below which are required for your AMEX Direct configuration in the Production environment at CyberSource.
  • 10-digit Service Establishment (SE) number established at AMEX for Mexican processing
  • Card Acceptor Business Code (4-digit value similar to a Merchant Category Code)
  • City registered with the AMEX
  • Country registered with the AMEX
  • Business name registered with AMEX
  • Postal Code (if applicable) registered with AMEX
  • State/Province Code registered with AMEX
  • Street Name of the business address registered with AMEX
  • Website address (URL) for the business registered with AMEX
    • If a URL is not registered, please provide the registered merchant phone number with AMEX
After confirming that your integration is ready for the platform switch by testing against AMEX Direct in the CyberSource Test environment, please contact your Customer Support representative to schedule a changeover before November 30, 2016.

Refer to Knowledgebase article C1676 for information on processing of other card types, e.g., Visa or MasterCard, in Mexico or the greater Latin American region before the sunset date. These cards are not eligible for the AMEX Direct platform processing and will require routing through the Comercio Latino platform.

Please contact Customer Support if you have additional questions related to the Latin American Processing sunset and subsequent migration activities.

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