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What is an XML example of merchant-defined data fields (mddField) in an SOAP call?

Doc ID:    C1714
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/26/2017


Merchant-defined data (MDD) fields allow merchants to specify up to a 100 custom values that can be submitted with a ccAuthService, ccCaptureService or ccCreditService request. 

Here is a XML example of a SOAP request containing the merchant defined fields:

<requestMessage xmlns="urn:schemas-cybersource-com:transaction-data-1.130">
          <mddField id="1">Custom1</mddField>

          <mddField id="100">Custom100</mddField>
<ccAuthService run="true"/>

  1. Merchant-defined data fields are not intended, and must not be used, to capture personally identifying information.
  2. This feature is supported in version 1.75 and above of the API.
  3. For more information about MDD fields, please refer to the Credit Card Services Guide and the list of Request Fields (merchantDefinedData_field#) in the Simple Order API Guide

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