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How to fill out a Boarding Form?

Doc ID:    C1762
Version:    6.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/22/2017
Updated:    08/22/2017



In order to configure your account for a Go Live or a Processor Update request, CyberSource Support requires merchants to complete a payment processor Boarding Form. Boarding Forms detail what is required to be configured for your payment processor, as each payment processor is unique and require a different set of specifications. To avoid issues, please first confirm the name of your payment processor with your MA or your Merchant Services Provider, as this will ensure your account is configured accurately. You may find a list of payment processors that are compatible with CyberSource here:

Once you determine which payment processor you are to be configured, CyberSource Support will provide you the corresponding Boarding Form for you to fill and submit.

The merchant's Merchant Acquiring (MA) Bank or the Merchant Service Provider (MSP) may be able to assist on filling out a Boarding Form based on the payment processor that will be used to process transactions from the CyberSource gateway account. Please refer to the following guide to fill out the Boarding Form.The Boarding Form consists of three sections, divided by Sheets at the bottom of the Excel file.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Boarding Forms will have all the fields listed below. The required fields vary depending on the processor, please review the tooltips over each column by hovering over the respective field as shown below:


I. Merchant Contact Information

Section I: Banking Information

Fill in information pertinent to the point of contact at the MA institution. If this information cannot be provided, please use the contact information of the person filling the Boarding Form.

Section II: Registered Name & Address

Fill in information pertinent to the business name and its registered company address.

II. Merchant Banking Information

NOTE: If any of these Parameters have multiple Values (e.g. multiple MIDs), please fill in each unique value in new rows.

Payment Processor Information

Parameters Values
Gateway Payment Processor
Name of the payment processor, shown at the top of the Form. Generally the MA or the MSP determines which Payment Processor the merchant will use to process transactions.

NOTE: You may hover over each Processor Information column for an explanation and character limitations of the fields.

Please refer to Who do I contact for my payment processor information? to retrieve these values.
CyberSource Merchant ID (MID)
Cybersource Merchant ID used to login to the CyberSource Business Center and ready to Go Live.
Acquiring Bank
Name of the MA instituition, usually a bank
Currencies your account will be processing on the MID.

NOTE: Supported currencies vary by processor. Please review the listed currencies for the field in the dropdown menu.

Card Type
For a listing of card types supported for each payment processor, refer to pages 27 - 30 in the Credit Card Services Guide.

Examples: Visa, Mastercard, Amex Direct, JCB

Merchant Acquirer Information

The Boarding Form may include fields to fill in banking information supplied by the MA.

Parameters Notes
Banking Merchant ID
Banking Terminal ID
Mandatory / Optional (depends on payment processor)
Additional Fields
(if applicable)

Access Code, Agent Bank Number, Agent Chain Number, Merchant Category Code, Merchant BIN, Merchant Store ID, etc.

CyberSource Products and Services

Please speak with your local CyberSource Sales Representative for any questions on these products/services, and to confirm if you are signed off for these services in the CyberSource contract.

Parameter Description Possible Values
Yes - If the MID will use the payment processor through Cybersource.
No - If the MID will only be used for Decision Manager, Tokenization, Recurring Billing, and/or other services without use of the payment processor through Cybersource.
Select the Ecommerce Indicator(s) that are enabled on this account.
Internet / MOTO / Recurring / Internet / MOTO

Payer Authentication (3DSecure)
Cardholder authentication services that deter unauthorized card use and enable merchants to receive protection, liability shift, from fraudulent activity and chargebacks.

Yes / No
- If Yes, please ask for a 3DSecure Form to complete the request.
Airline Data
Enables transmission of airline industry data for airline data processing.

Yes / No
Recurring Billing
Recurring and installment subscription payments, and on demand customer profile payments.

Yes / No / 16 digits (format)
Payment Tokenization
Replacement of sensitive credit card data with a unique identifier, a subscription ID (also referred to as a token).

Yes / No / 16 digits (format)
Decision Manager
Tool that enables merchant to use business rules to accurately identify and review potentially risky transactions, while minimizing the rejection of valid orders.

Yes / No
Connection Method  
Secure Acceptance / API
Merchant ID
Paypal is an online payments system website that allows money transfers as an electronic alternative. Merchant must setup a PayPal account and provide its ID
E-mail Address or Alphanumeric value
Additional Services  

Single-Sign-On (SSO)
- Permits the users under the Master Cybersource MID to access multiple Child Cybersource MIDs.

Enable Transaction Reference Number (TRN)
- Also known as a Reconciliation ID, a unique identifier that Cybersource generates and sends to most payment processors with a payment service request.

For any questions or assistance, please contact your Sales Representative or Customer Support via the eTicket or via phone.

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