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How can I test my network connection to CyberSource without sending an actual transaction?

Doc ID:    C1789
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/01/2017
Updated:    11/01/2017


Merchants can confirm expected communication and connectivity via HTTP messaging by using the CyberSource Healthcheck functionality. Any merchant using this service will incur no additional transaction fees as no payment processing occurs; confirmation is achieved without sending any transaction data.

NOTE: The HealthCheck URLs for their respective API endpoint are the same in both Test and Production environments.

The merchant's local machine used in accessing the URL must have the appropriate certificates and security keys installed. There is no configuration within the CyberSource environment needed for merchants to use the CyberSource HealthCheck functionality. The CyberSource HealthCheck URLs are:

An HTTP 200 response is returned for successful CyberSource HealthChecks; any other response(s) are considered unfavorable. CyberSource does not log HealthCheck calls.

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