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What reports are available in the new Business Center?

Doc ID:    C1802
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/11/2018


In the new Business Center, gateway merchants can access the following reports:

  • Transaction Request Report (TRR)
  • Payment Batch Detail Report (PBDR)
  • Transaction Exception Detail Report
  • Processor Events Detail Report
  • Invoice Summary Report

Acquiring merchants have access to the reports listed above, plus the following:

  • Processor Settlement Detail Report
  • Funding Detail Report
  • Aging Detail Report
  • Chargeback and Retrieval Detail Report
  • Deposit Detail Report
  • Invoice Summary Report
  • Fee Detail Report
Reporting features available in the new Business Center include:
  • Creating a Report
  • Downloading Reports
  • Editing Reports
  • Deleting Reports

Refer to the Reports section of the Business Center User Guide for additional information.


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