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What is a Soft Decline?




A transaction that has been authorized by the customer's card issuing bank but declined by CyberSource is considered a soft decline. Common scenarios for soft declines are fraud checks such as AVS (Address Verification Service) reason code = 200 / ics_rflag=DAVSNO, or CVN (Card Verification Number) reason code = 230 / ics_rflag=DCV.

AVS mismatch

The Billing Address provided by the customer do not match the bank's address on file for the card.

CVN mismatch

The three or four-digit number printed on the customer's physical credit card does not match the bank's listed CVN for the card.
Note: Though uncommon, some banks may decline a transaction if the CVN is mismatched. In this case, this transaction is considered a Hard Decline, not a Soft Decline.

For such transactions, the Authorization has been completed with funds on hold in the customers bank but the Settlement has not been initiated (unless ignored or approved by the merchant). If the transaction has been Soft Declined with a Reason Code 200 or 230, the merchant may either:

  1. Approve the transaction, and proceed to settle it through API call or the Business Center.
  2. Reject the transaction, and process a Full Auth Reversal to drop the funds on hold on the customer's card.

To process a Settlement OR Full Authorization Reversal against the transaction through the Business Center:

  1. Login to the CyberSource Business Center
  2. Navigate to the Transaction Search then General Search, and search for the transaction.
  3. Select the Request ID, and open the Transaction Search Details page.
  4. Under Available Actions, choose Settlement or Full Authorization Reversal.

Merchants may also choose to setup the account to ignore such Soft Declines (not recommended by CyberSource to avoid Fraudulent activities), then the transaction automatically proceeds to Capture/Settlement. Merchants may bypass any soft decline and settle the transaction if they are certain the transaction is not fraudulent. To prevent soft declines from ever occurring, the transaction may be set up to ignore the AVS or CVN results as follows:

  1. Set the Ignore AVS API request fields to the following values:



Simple Order API


  1. Set the Ignore CVN API request fields to the following values:



Simple Order API


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