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What IP addresses should I add to my white-list to receive replies and posts from CyberSource?

Doc ID:    C531
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/14/2016
Updated:    10/14/2016


In most cases, it's sufficient to add the domain to your whitelist. If, for some reason you need to add IP addresses, it's recommended that you add the full CyberSource IP range to your whitelist as specified below:

  • -, or

('/20' is a representation of the subnet mask)

If you prefer to add only the IP addresses currently in use, you may perform an nslookup command for the domain and add the returned IP addresses to your whitelist.

Note: Though these addresses do not change often, it is advisable to periodically re-run the nslookup command to catch any new addresses.

Secure Acceptance

All Secure Acceptance notification messaging will originate from a different range of servers and IP addresses. If you are using any Secure Acceptance services, you must add the following IP address ranges to any whitelist or filtering logic.

  • -
  • -
New POST IP ranges

In an effort to maintain service levels and increase application resiliency, CyberSource has added additional server addresses from which asynchronous transaction updates will be delivered to customers.

The following types of notifications may be sent from these additional server addresses:

  • Secure Acceptance - Order Notification messages
  • Decision Manager - Order Status Notification messages
  • PayPal - Instant Payment Notification (IPN) messages

If your payment or risk application receives any of these notification types and you have setup a firewall whitelist or other network filter to verify the 'origination IP address' for these types of messages, you must add the following IP address ranges to your configurations:

[Glossary: Whitelist]

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