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How do I obtain a Verbal Authorization Code and settle a transaction?



As Verbal Authorizations are sent by the customer's card-issuing bank, the primary source to obtain the verbal authorization code is from the phone number found on the back of the customer's card. The bank may request for identifying information, which the customer may provide, as well as the Transaction Reference Number of the transaction.

An alternative method is to contact your payment processor, which may have a dedicated line for voice authorizations. If your processor is CyberSource Global Payments (GPN), you may dial the following phone number to reach GPN Voice Authorization:

  • +1 800-367-2368

Once you have obtained the Verbal Authorization Code, you can use the Business Center to settle orders that require verbal authorization.

To accomplish this via the Business Center:

  1. Log into the CyberSource Business Center.
  2. Click on the Transaction Search tab, and navigate to General Search.
  3. Search for the Transaction in question.
  • Note: To search for 201 Errors, select the Date Range and set the Reply field to "Call Processor" or "Refused Card"
  1. Open the Transaction Search Details page.
  2. From the Available Actions list, select Settlement.
  3. In the Credit Card Settlement page, enter the verbal authorization code you received and the amount that you want to settle, then click on Settle.

If you performed the above steps correctly, a message indicating that your settlement was successful will be displayed.

Alternatively, you can settle this order by submitting an API settlement request to CyberSource. In the settlement request, you need to include the authorization Request ID of the order.

When using the Simple Order API, send a follow-on ccCaptureService_run request:

(i) Set the value of the ccCaptureService_authType field to 'verbal'.
(ii) Send the verbal authorization code in the ccCaptureService_verbalAuthCode field.

When using the SCMP, in the follow-on ics_bill request:

(i) Set the value of the auth_type field to 'verbal'.
(ii) Send the verbal authorization code in the auth_code field.

For more information about submitting an order with a verbal authorization code, please open the CyberSource Credit Card Services Implementation Guide for the API you are utilizing below, and refer to the "Verbal Authorizations" section:

Credit Card Services for the SCMP API PDF HTML
Credit Card Services for the Simple Order API PDF HTML

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