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JPY does not return expected simulated reply messages in Test

Doc ID:    CS377
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/22/2017

Problem Description

In the CyberSource Test Environment (CAS), specific responses can be simulated and returned in the transaction reply messages by including specific values in the transaction requests, regardless of any currency used. This simulated environment allows CyberSource users to become familiar with the reply messages and develop methods for handling errors. See

However, if Japanese Yen (JPY) is used as the currency for testing, the simulated responses are not triggered in CAS.


This has been identified as an issue, and JIRA Ticket# PA-11213 has been logged. If you wish to check the update of this issue, please contact Customer Suppport and provide them the JIRA number.


Until JIRA# PA-11213 is fixed, please use currency other than JPY as a workaround.

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