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04/26/2023 09:17 AM



The transaction reference number, often listed as "Trans Ref No", reconciliation ID, or TRN, is a unique identifier that Cybersource generates for each payment service request (e.g., credit card capture request) you submit. Cybersource provides this to you in the service reply, and includes it in the the payment service request submitted to the processor.

Sharing of the transaction reference number between your acquiring bank, the payment processor, your customer's card-issuing bank, and payment gateway (Cybersource) allows all four parties to identify the same transaction with this number. Use the transaction reference number with your acquiring bank or advise your customer to reference it when contacting their card-issuing bank to seek assistance with the inquiries such as:

  • Confirming funds transfer status.
  • Investigating declines or error responses.


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Where do I find the Transaction Reference Number?
Can I use my own system-generated value for the Transaction Reference Number?

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