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05/04/2023 21:13 PM


This guide describes the merchant ID (MID) activation process, also referred to as go live, to transition your Cybersource account from test to live status, and process real transactions in Production.


Before requesting MID activation, you must have a signed account with Cybersource.

Create an Account and Establish a Contract with Cybersource

  1. Follow the instructions in How to Create a new Cybersource Merchant ID to register a new account.

Your account is initially in evaluation or test status - ineligible for support or to process real transactions.

  1. Contact Sales to establish a contract with Cybersource that allows you to process real transactions and receive support.

A Sales representative will work with you to sign a contractual agreement with Cybersource.


Submit a MID Activation Request

  1. Sign In to Support Center as an administrator.

If your login/user does not have the administrator role, ask a member of your organization with the administrator role to perform the following steps.

  1. Select Test Login (below) and enter your credentials.

Organization ID is your Merchant ID (MID)

  1. From Support Center, select Support Cases > MID Configuration Request

  2. Select MID Activation.

  1. In Description, enter the Merchant ID(s) you want to take live.

  2. Select Processor Configuration and enter the name of your payment processor in Description.

If you contract with Cybersource for your merchant (acquiring) bank account, you may leave this blank.
  1. Select the environment in which you want these changes to apply.

  2. Select Service Enablement and list the names of any additional Cybersource products or services you intend to use in Description.

  3. Select Submit.

  4. If you have a completed copy of your boarding form, provide it here by clicking Upload Files or dragging and dropping the file onto the button.

If you have a boarding form but you have not yet filled in the required fields, refer to How to fill out a Boarding Form for instructions. If you don't have a boarding form, a support agent will provide the appropriate boarding form through the ticket.

Caution: Uploads with filenames greater than 50 characters may not be saved although the upload dialog will indicate it succeeded. Please edit your filename, if needed, to ensure it is 50 characters or less (includes the file extension). 

Turnaround time will vary based on the Cybersource services and processors requested. MID activations are typically completed within 5 business days. Support will clarify when further information is needed, or if the request will take more than 5 business days to process.

For Go Live with Payer Authentication (3D Secure) service, please note the turnaround time for the 3D Secure registration:

Typical Turnaround Time for Payer Authentication
Payment NetworkTurnaround Time (typical)
Visa (Verified by Visa)Immediate
Mastercard (SecureCode)1-3 business days
American Express (SafeKey)Immediate
Diners/Discover (ProtectBuy)Immediate
JCB (J/Secure)5-7 business days

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