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05/03/2023 18:27 PM


You create a Cybersource merchant ID (MID) when you register for an evaluation Cybersource account. An evaluation account allows you to use all the features of Test Business Center, such as configuring a Cybersource service and submitting test transactions.


Register a new Merchant ID (Account)

  1. Visit the Registration Page.
  2. Enter all required information to register your account.
    • Choose your merchant ID wisely; it cannot be changed.
      Note: Your merchant ID is not visible to your customers.
  3. Verify all the information you entered is accurate.
    • In particular, verify that the Business Email address provided. Email required to complete the registration of your evaluation account will arrive at the Business Email.
  4. Once you have verified your information, scroll to the bottom, follow any additional instructions and click Next.


When you are ready to begin submitting real transactions to Cybersource, you can request that your account transitions to "live" status; refer to these instructions: How to request MID Activation (Go Live).


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