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04/25/2023 22:03 PM


Problem Description

When sending a request via Secure Acceptance, I receive the message, "You are not authorized to view this page. The transaction has not been processed." This returns an "HTTP 403 - Unauthorized" error and no further information is given.



This error occurs when a request contains invalid data or is missing information. This may also happen if either of the security keys (Access and Secret Key) for your Secure Acceptance profile is incorrectly specified.



Determine if transaction reaches the gateway.

  1. Log into the Cybersource Business Center
  2. Navigate to Transaction Search Secure Acceptance Search
  3. Search for recent activity

If you do not find transaction activity:

This means that an authentication failure occurred which can be due to a number of reasons. To correct this, verify that your security keys (Access Key and Secret Key) match with what was generated for your Secure Acceptance profile. Merchants who incorrectly specify the required fields will receive the generic '403' error message and transactions will not be found because Cybersource could not validate the merchant's credentials.

Note: The Access Key and Secret Key will word-wrap in some internet browsers. Verify that you are copying and entering the full string in the code for your Secure Acceptance forms.

You may also want to review and ensure your signed_date_time matches with a synchronized clock. If the timestamp is off you may also receive this error.

You may contact Client Services and please provide the Transaction Unique Identifier (UUID) so that we may further research. Transactions processed within the same day will be easiest to locate for Client Services.

If you do find transaction activity:

Click the magnifier icon under the Log column to view details as to why the transaction failed. If transactions show in the search, this means your authentication was successful, but some secure request information is either invalid or missing and must be corrected.

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