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03/02/2022 21:21 PM


Your CyberSource merchant ID (MID) is the identifier for an account with CyberSource. It is typically an abbreviation of your company name. Ultimately, this depends upon what members of your organization choose when they create it. If your organization directly contracts with a company other than CyberSource for gateway/payment services, your MID may start with a prefix corresponding to your provider, e.g., "wfg", "gp", etc. If you are still unsure of your MID, please consult your colleagues or contact CyberSource Client Services.

You provide your CyberSource merchant ID (MID), referred to as your Organization ID, when you sign in to Business Center and Support Center .


You merchant ID is prominently displayed in Support Center and Business Center once you sign in.

View your MID in Support Center

  1. Visit Support Center.
  2. Select SIGN IN.
  3. Enter your credentials.

The MID is visible on the right of the menu bar.

View a MID in Business Center

  1. Sign in to Business Center
  2. Select Account Management > Users
  3. Read the Merchant ID column to verify the MID you have signed in to.

    Note: If you use Account Linking and you sign in to a parent account, the filter (in blue) displays the parent MID at the top of the Users page.

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