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03/04/2022 17:38 PM


Advanced Search allows you to search for transactions based on values you specify for specific fields.


Search for Transactions Using Advanced Search

  1. Sign in to Business Center.
  2. From the navigation panel, select Transaction Management > Transactions.
  1. Select a Date Range for the search.
  1. Select Add a filter
  1. Select a category or field
  1. Enter the value to search for in the selected field.
A list of transactions meeting your search criteria will display below.
  1. Repeat the above steps to add additional filters as needed.
You may add as many filters as you want in order to narrow your search results.



Search for a Visa credit card transaction from last month for a customer with the last name Smith:
  1. Date Filter > Last month
  2. Add Filter > Payment Category > Credit Card > Visa
  3. Add Filter > Last Name > Smith
After completing your search, you can Save your search criteria for future use, and Export your search results.

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