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In order to successfully submit transactions through your payment processor, you must provide a boarding form to CyberSource that includes your account and processor-specific information.


These instructions assume you have completed the following:

  1. Confirmed the name of your payment processor
  2. Visited Support Center and requested MID Activation (Go Live) or a Processor Configuration, including the name of your payment processor.
  3. Received a boarding form from CyberSource Support

This article describes fields on the boarding form. The form is an Excel file with multiple worksheets accessible by tabs.

View additional field descriptions by selecting the cell to the right of the field name, as the image below demonstrates.

User-added image

Note: The boarding form you receive may not include all the fields described below. The required fields depend upon your processor. 

For assistance, please contact your Sales Representative or Customer Support.

I. Processor Boarding Form

Registered Business Address

Your business name and its registered company address.

Contact Information

The point of contact at the merchant/acquiring bank. If you are unable to identify the contact, provide the contact information of the person filling the boarding form.

Processor Information

The name of the payment processor is shown at the top of the form. Please refer to the VAR Sheet (also known as tear or parameter sheets) provided by your merchant acquiring bank (MA) or merchant services provider (MSP) to retrieve processor values. Your MA or MSP may be able to assist you with filling out the processor information.

If you must provide multiple values for a parameter, e.g., multiple CyberSource Merchant IDs (MIDs), please enter each unique value in separate columns.

Parameters Values
CyberSource Merchant ID (MID) CyberSource Merchant ID ready to be configured.
Acquiring Bank Name of your MA institution.
Currency Currency (ies) the MID will be processing.

Supported currencies vary by processor. Please review the listed currencies for the field in the dropdown menu.
Payments Yes - The MID will process payments.
No - The MID will only be used for Decision Manager, Tax Calculation, and/or other services without the use of a payment processor.
Payment Channel Select the eCommerce Indicator (ECI) of the MID, which determines how payments will be defined by default.


Additional Services

Please speak with your CyberSource Sales Representative for any questions regarding these products/services, and to confirm if you are signed-off for these services.

Parameter Description Possible Values
Payer Authentication (3D Secure) Cardholder authentication service. Yes / No
- If Yes, please complete the 3DS Form worksheet.
Airline Data Enables transmission of airline industry data. Yes / No
Decision Manager Service that enables merchant to use business rules to accurately identify and review potentially risky transactions, while minimizing the rejection of valid orders. Yes (default settings)
Yes (custom settings)

- If Yes (custom settings), please complete the Decision Manager Custom Setup worksheet.
Payment Tokenization Encryption of sensitive payment data with a unique identifier (token).

Payment Tokenization is being end-of-life'd (EOL) in favor of the newer Token Management Services. Existing Merchant IDs that are enabled for Payment Tokenization will automatically be enabled for Token Management Services (TMS). 

Note: Payment Tokenization enablement requests will only accepted for merchants who have a specific requirement for Recurring Billing or  who already have a portfolio of tokens with an existing Cybersource Merchant ID.
Yes - Default 22 digit Format
Yes - 16 Digit Format
Yes - 16 Digit w/last 4
Token Management Services (TMS) Standardizes the token management process for multiple MIDs under a single account, designed to support omni-channel execution. At the present time, Recurring Billing and TMS are not compatible with each other. Customer (default): 32 Character Hex
Payment Instrument: 32 Character Hex
Instrument Identifier: 19 Digits Last 4 Preserving
Recurring Billing Process recurring, installment, or on-demand payments using tokenized card data. At the present time, Recurring Billing and TMS are not compatible with each other. Yes - Default 22 digit Format
Yes - 16 Digit Format
Yes - 16 Digit w/last 4
Token Sharing Allow customer tokens to be shared (accessed) across multiple CyberSource MIDs. Yes / No
Token Sharing Group Group ID (typically the Parent MID) to associate token sharing across multiple CyberSource MIDs. CyberSource MID
Account Linking Manage multiple CyberSource Child MIDs under a single Parent (Master) MID. Yes / No
Parent MID Designated Parent (Master) MID used to manage multiple CyberSource Child MIDs. CyberSource MID
Tax Service Calculate tax in real time. Yes / No
MasterCard Auth Indicator The default value of MasterCard authorizations, determining how they should be submitted to the payment processor. This value can be overridden in an API request. Final/ Pre/ Undefined
Merchant ID
Online payment service. You must setup an account with PayPal to be assigned a PayPal Merchant ID. E-mail Address or Alphanumeric value


II. 3DS Form

If you plan to use Payer Authentication (3D Secure) services, you are required to complete the 3DS Form worksheet. Although CyberSource Support does hold a range of Acquiring Identifiers (commonly referred to as BINs) for Merchant Acquirers (MA), there will be instances where  Support may require you to reach out to your MA or MSP for the Acquiring Identifier (Acquirer BIN) and Merchant ID for each supported card type.

Parameters Notes
Acquiring Identifier (Acquirer BIN) Populate for each card type you will be using the 3D Secure service with. This value will be different for each card type.
Acquirer Merchant ID Also known as the banking number or processor merchant number. This value may be identical or unique for each card type and/or currency.

III. Decision Manager Custom Setup

If plan to use the custom features available for Decision Manager, update the Decision Manager Custom Setup worksheet to your preferences. If you are unsure of any of these custom features, please leave the relevant fields with their default values.

Negative List

Parameter Description Possible Values
Chargeback Upload Determines the data fields that are added to the negative list when uploading Chargeback files, or when using the auto-marking chargeback tool. Yes / No - Card/ Email/ Shipping address/ Telephone/ Device fingerprint/ IP address/ Smart ID
Mark As Suspect Determines the data fields that that will be marked as suspect by default. Yes / No - Card/ Email/ Shipping address/ Telephone/ Device fingerprint/ IP address/ Smart ID
Auto Negative list Determines the data fields that will automatically be added to the merchant's negative list. Yes / No - Card/ Email/ Shipping address/ Telephone/ Device fingerprint/ IP address/ Smart ID
Disable auto fraud listing Controls if fields get added to negative list as result of auto negative functionality. Yes / No


Sharing Data

Parameter Description Possible Values
Decision Manager Hierarchy (DMH) Allows you to share rules and DM configuration between MIDs. CyberSource MID of Parent Account
Shared Velocity Allows you to share velocity values between multiple MIDs. A list of CyberSource MIDs
Shared Positive List Allows you to share positive lists between multiple MIDs. A list of CyberSource MIDs
Shared Negative List Allows you to share negative lists between multiple MIDs. A list of CyberSource MIDs


Additional Settings

Parameter Description Possible Values
Decision Manager Replay Use historical data to test DM rules. Yes / No


Third-Party Services

Parameter Description Possible Values
Emailage Provide risk assessments on the email address. Yes / No
Whitepages Pro Provides identity data about consumers. Yes / No

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